In this section holidays and travel are examined. We look at the many different types of worldwide angling holidays that are available today.

Big Game fishing

Big Game fishing can be the experience of a lifetime, a truly amazing experience! This popularity of this type of Angling Holiday has increased significantly in recent times, with a huge range of exotic destinations and accommodation now available, across the world. With all inclusive packages and special offers available the price of a worldwide fishing holiday is also surprising affordable. The amazing fishing video below showcases such a big game holiday experience, demonstrating what can be caught in just one day in the fabulous location of Christmas Island. Giant Trevallys up to and over 100lbs are caught on the fly and the video shows how to cast, hook and safely land these magnificent fish. Click for more information on fishing holidays on Christmas Island So what can Anglers expect from big game fishing holidays? World record breaking fish are a possibility, particularly in places such as Thailand’s famous Gillham’s Resort, but more assured is a truly memorable experience with exciting angling action. A big game fishing holiday is ideal for groups or individuals and the fishing is often complemented with first-class accommodation, making it ideal to take along non fishing partners. Imagine yourself riding the seas hunting for the next big catch while your partner relaxes on the beach with a good book and nice cool drink. For more high octane, sport fishing videos check out our collection of big game fishing videos.