Hugh Falkus on spey fly casting

Fishing expert Hugh Falkus looks the first stage of spey casting, making a roll cast. Falkus on fly casting DVD: The Falkus approach to flycasting is unusual. Most anglers consider Spey casting as something to be used only in certain conditions or, more usually, as too difficult to learn easily. Hugh maintained that this is nonsense and that Spey casting had a ‘bad press’. It should be used normally, in place of the overhead cast; for single handed trout rods as well as for salmon and, indeed, for boat fishing as well – and he demonstrates in detail how safe, how simple to learn, and how easy on the angler Spey casting can be.*The effectiveness of his teaching technique can be judged by the fact that the producer of this programme – who had previously avoided the Spey Cast for the reasons above – now uses it regularly as a result of watching the master at work.

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