Mozza Versus Charrington: Match Fishing at A12 lakes

Carp Fishing at Grenvilles by Fox International
In a new series from Fox,“Mozza Versus”, Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris will be competing in 24 hour matches against Fox anglers at a range of different fishing venues.
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Hello and welcome to Mozza versus.

You join me on a brand-new series where I’m going to be competing in twenty four hour matches against Fox anglers. For the very first one we’re here at A12 lakes in Essex and joining me on this very first episode is Harry Charrington, who obviously has match fished all his life. Well, I’ve never really match fished other than a few small matches last year, so this is going to be tough, without a shadow of a doubt. I’ve got my work cut out for this one.

We’re at quite a prolific lake.

Not the type of venue that I’m used to fishing to be honest but Harry will be all over this. So if anything I’ll be a good nets man for him. I’ve come with the kitchen sink believe your me. I brought absolutely everything for every single tactic. I’ve even got stuff prepared! I tied rigs last night and I’ve never done that before, so I’m really looking forward to this because it’s a little bit different. You know I’ve not really done much of this in the past and it would be mega to beat Harry without a shadow of a doubt.

For those who don’t know me I am Harry Charrington.

I do dabble in a bit of match fishing every now and again and I quite enjoy my match fishing. I’m not entirely sure what my chances are like in this one though. Mozza no matter what he says, “oh I don’t do match fishing or whatever”, probably in the last two matches that I’ve fished he’s done about eight or ten. You’re only as good as your last match and Mozza won his last match. I didn’t so I’d love to beat him. I’d dearly love to beat him. I do consider him or I did consider him as one of my good friends but I don’t anymore. He sent me some rather abusive text messages in the week. What did he say? He said “I will end your career”, which I’m not entirely sure whether he means fishing career or career at Fox but either way I think that’s pretty nasty. I just don’t appreciate tactics like that. He’s trying to trying to put me off. Trying to put me put me off my game, off the stride nut I don’t think it’s going work.

I’ve come prepared

(ish) although when I got here and the guy was like “oh yeah it did eighty four fish in a day once” some guys had fifteen fish, I’ve kind of thought all right I might not have brought enough bait, but we’ll see. Mozza I’m coming for you so don’t be putting yourself down too much because we all know that you can do it. If you can do it at Rainbow you can do it anywhere.
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