Carp Fishing at long range on Durleigh Reservoir

Carp Fishing at Grenvilles by Fox International
Filmed at Durleigh Reservoir Tom Maker explains how you can catch carp, fishing at long range.
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Here we are a fine 20 plus common taken from Durleigh reservoir

which is near my home in Somerset and in this episode of carp coach it’s going to be all about catching carp, at long range and how to fish at range effectively. This was part of a double take and I’ve got to be honest it’s probably the first time I’ve ever seen the lake without a ripple on it and they are absolutely ripping the bait up out there. I’m almost convinced that once we get this back in the rod back out it isn’t going to take a long time to get another bite.

Because of the size of Durleigh

, you know it’s about 65 acres at the moment but the water is right down and when it’s at its peak it’s upwards of 70, 75 acres, A lot of the carp spend a lot of time out in the middle of the lake which is you know is inaccessible for nigh on every angler. The middle of Lake 250 to 300 yards, it’s miles out. There’s a big area of buoys out in the middle. The fish spend a lot of time right now out there and you want to get as close to them as you can without fishing dangerously, i.e. with the tackle what you use in all running the risk of stringing carp up around the buoys.

The tackle that I’m using allows me to get the distance nice and safe

and land the fish nice and safe as well and you’ll probably notice as well there’s a lot of bream. You’ll see big hook baits, spodding out big boilies, the lake is absolutely riddled with bream all between about one and six pound, they are an absolute nightmare.

We’re fishing that long range

and with the stretch in the mono you just get zero indication when you’ve got one of them on, so you want to try your best to avoid hooking into any of them. But so far today there’s been a really, really good day. With it being so big and open it only takes a slight breeze on here and the wind is absolutely motoring across, but this is the first time I’ve ever been here and it’s flat calm. There isn’t a single a single drop of wind on the whole lake and it’s actually nice to see that over the bait that I’m putting out there’s actually quite a lot of fish fizzing up, which I’m sure they do when the ripples on but it’s just nice today that you can actually see it happening and almost time your bites it.

This carp’s getting ready for the net and it looks like another probably a 20 pound common

. There’s lovely quality fish in here as well, that’s a nice fish that one. Nice bright hook bait hanging out of its mouth, another one bites the dust. There we go another hard fighting dirty reservoir common and this one was taken on the snowman, a rig that I use down here 99% of the time. Let’s slipping him back get the rods back out and we’ll run through a few rigs.
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