PowerRay fishing drone offers a new immersive experience

An underwater drone that offers a new, immersive fishing experience

Previewed at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics trade show, PowerVision have unveiled the PowerRay fishing drone. This new product is a state of the art underwater drone that offers an immersive recreational fishing experience. The drone can operate in all types of conditions and can be used for freshwater, sea and ice fishing. The PowerRay can dive to depths of thirty meters and can detect fish that up to forty meters away with pin point accuracy. Wally Zheng the CEO of PowerVision technology suggests that recreational fishing will never be the same again. He sees fishing as one of the areas that has not seen many big technological breakthroughs but believes that the PowerRay drone will change and revolutionize angling today, providing a thrilling and immersive virtual reality experience.

Features of the PowerRay fishing drone

Features of the underwater drone include an integrated blue LED lure, designed to attract fish, a remote controlled detachable bait dropper and a 4k Ultra HD camera that captures still and moving images from beneath the surface of the water. This advanced camera benefits from a hundred degree wide angle lens and produces a 1080p video feed that can be relayed via cable to a smartphone or tablet or directly to PowerRay’s Virtual Reality goggles, which come as standard with the drone. With the the use of PowerRay’s iOS and android apps the user can enjoy a unique, real time, immersive viewing experience. Other features of the PowerRay fishing drone include an intelligent sonar add on that detects fish and beams information back to the user’s smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Information that is captured and relayed back includes images of the fish and the underwater landscape, water temperature and depth and fish distribution and all this can be transmitted from up to eighty meters away. The on board battery can last for up to four hours and the PowerRay glides through water using three impellers, with two mounted in the rear and one below on the underside of the unit. The PowerRay is expected to be available in late April or early May 2017 with pricing yet to be determined, although early indications suggest that it will be on sale in the $2,000 to $3,000 price range. For more information on the PowerRay visit the PowerVison website. CC Credit: Design Boom

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