Sodafloat – accurate feeding and fishing at distance

What is the Sodafloat?

The name Sodafloat stands for Self Opening Displacement Action float and it allows you to feed and fish accurately at a distance. The Sodafloat enables anglers to fish with and feed any type of bait at any distance. If your bait fits in the Sodafloat then you can fish with it safe in the knowledge that your hook bait is surrounded by a tempting cloud of bait. The mechanics of the Sodafloat means that free offerings are released after the float has only been in the water for a few seconds, making sure that your hook bait has had time to settle below the float before any feed is discharged The Sodafloat is designed so that it flies true and straight and the free offerings contained inside it have no effect on the overall buoyancy. The Sodafloat will not dive deeply and if it doesn’t pop up straight the way then you know that you already have a bite.

How do you use the Sodaflaot?

  • Simply attach the Sodafloat to your line as you would with any pellet waggler.
  • Put your bait the hook.
  • Invert the Sodafloat and slide the sphere up.
  • Put your loose feed of choice into the Sodafloat’s bait housing.
  • Cast as normal sending the float out to your preferred fishing spot

How does the Sodaflaot work and why should I use it?

During casting, the sphere of the Sodafloat is pushed up against the bait housing, sealing the feed tightly within it. When the float hits the water the air in the sphere keeps the bait safe inside the housing, just for a few seconds, before your bait drifts beneath the float. Shortly after hitting the water the air inside the sphere of the Sodafloat is displaced by the water, altering its density. The sphere then slides down the shaft of the float releasing all the feed that is in stored in the bait housing. The air in the sphere means that the weight of the bait and the float does not affect the performance. The air acts as a support and when the sphere moves down the shaft, the bait is not supported by the float itself.
  • You can accurately feed and fish at any casting distance
  • Fish and feed simultaneously with any bait that will fit inside the float.
  • A patented time delay design which only y releases the loose feed after a few seconds, allowing your bait to drift under the float and act as free offerings.
  • No need to prepare your pellets and other particles – use them straight out of the pack
  • The Sodafloat doesn’t scatter your bait like a spod can. The bait is sealed in the housing until it is immersed in water
  • The loaded base enables long and stable casts.
  • Doesn’t dive deep – so feeding fish are not spooked.
  • The tapered nosecone has a minimum of resistance to register a bite
  • Doesn’t ride up when the bait is released, like other feeder floats and wagglers can
For more information on the Sodafloat visit CC Credit: Bearboyd Films Ltd

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