Bayport Mixed Bag: Shallow Water Grouper with a Twist – Fishing Adventures Florida Season 2 Episode 6

Fishing Adventures Florida Logo Join Captain Sergio Atanes and guest Captain Frankie Gonzalez for a thrilling shallow water fishing adventure off the beautiful coast of Bayport in this episode of “Fishing Adventures Florida.” In a captivating expedition, the pair take on the challenge of rock pile jumping, a unique and effective technique aimed particularly at grouper fishing amidst rocky underwater terrains. The region’s notorious rocky bottoms serve as the perfect hotspot for an exciting mix of fish, with grouper taking the centre stage in this daring aquatic pursuit. Leveraging local expertise, Captain Gonzalez introduces viewers to his backyard waters, offering insights into the delicate art of navigating and fishing these specific environments. The duo uses a tailored approach, employing shrimp bait on jig heads to entice the elusive grouper from their rocky hideouts, a method that proves essential given the strong currents and specific geological features of the area. .
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