Expert Tips on Navigating Crystal River – Fishing Adventures Florida Season 2 Episode 8

Fishing Adventures Florida Logo In this episode of “Fishing Adventures Florida,” join Captain Sergio Atanes and his guest Captain Mike as they explore the rich waters of Crystal River. This adventure brings them to the bounteous fishing spots around a decommissioned power plant and Kings Bay, places close to Mike’s heart where he has fished since childhood. The duo focuses primarily on trout, using effective techniques to engage with speckled trout amongst the lush grass flats approximately 13 miles from Kings Bay. As the tides turn, they aim to manoeuvre into the mangroves to try their luck with redfish. Throughout the episode, viewers will gain invaluable tips on using various baits and fishing methods, including a unique loop rigging for jigs that ensures extra lure freedom and enhanced catch potential. With Captain Mike’s local expertise illuminating the prime fishing areas and techniques, this episode is a treasure trove of fishing wisdom and thrilling catches in Crystal River’s profound waters
Exploring Crystal River: A Haven for Trout and Redfish

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