St Lawrence River – fishing in Canada

Canadian Carpin – a truly exceptional experience. Come and discover for yourself why anglers return year after year to fish the majestic St. Lawrence River, and experience first hand the sheer power of the rivers wild, hard fighting carp! All whilst being expertly guided in the most productive swims on the river and enjoying unmatched accommodation at our waterfront venue. Guests with Canadian Carpin Holidays take comfort in knowing that their all-inclusive holiday package has been attentively designed to offer a truly exceptional worry and hassle free carp fishing holiday. We know that anglers who are in search of the absolute best in carp fishing also deserve the best in accommodation & service. Our season runs from May to October, all the months during our season have proven to be very rewarding! We cover a 30 mile stretch of the St. Lawrence, so when the carp move we move!

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