Loop Tackle Fishing for Sea Trout in Iceland

North of the wall is a video created by the Loop Media, documenting an Icelandic adventure fishing for Sea Trout. The Loop Tackle team are in the opening few days of the sea trout season and land some impressive fish on the banks of the beautiful Húseyjakvísl River. Loop Tackle has a long history in fly fishing tackle which began in Åkersberga, a small town in Sweden near to Stockholm. The company was created 1978 when fly fishing in Scandinavia was becoming more popular. Loop Tackle was the brainchild of Christer Sjöberg and Tony Karpestam, two keen anglers who dreamed of making a living from the sport they loved. They noticed that much of the fly fishing tackle available to them was seriously lacking and thought is could be designed na made much better to suit the the diverse Scandinavian river conditions. From the outset they realised that fly fishing was a way of life and have invested their passion for fishing into the Loop brand. For more information visit the Loop website. CC Credit: Loop media

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