Carp Fishing at Grenvilles Syndicate lake

Carp Fishing at Grenvilles by Fox International Video by Fox International An adventure carp fishing at Grenvilles. Proud new dads Mark Bartlett and Scott Day managed to get some precious time away from their families to explore and do some carp fishing at Grenvilles syndicate lake in Cambridgeshire. The venue is over seventy acres in size and boasts an incredible stock of fish. There’s the real chance of catching some truly monster carp. It felt like something special was on the cards and the lads were both absolutely blown away with their final catch. Watch this carp fishing video to follow Mark’s and Scott’s encounters with big pit giants. Text Preview

A carp fishing adventure at Grenvilles syndicate lake

This session we’re fishing at Grenvilles lake. The opportunity only arose a few weeks ago when we wanted to get out and do some filming. Paul had always said to me if you fancy coming over give me a shout. I gave Paul a ring to see if there was an opportunity to come over and he said, yeah, no problem you’re welcome come over for a few days. Just before midday me, Harry and Scott and met up and had some breakfast and a little chat. We got all excited about fishing here and we went down to the lake and had a walk around with Paul. We had a chat with him and he showed us this mammoth photo album of all these fantastic fish that have been caught recently. We were gagging to have a go.

A terrific stock of big carp in the lake

We’d’ fished here a couple of times over the last few years and the lake has changed massively in that time. There’s 75 acres and it’s not that well known it because it is a syndicate lake. I knew that it had a good stock of big fish in, but speaking to Paul it’s just incredible what he’s doing. A couple of years ago to get in the top 50 on his wall in the cabin you had to catch carp over 39 pounds. However, when I spoke to the other day about he said I said well is it now fourty pounds to get in the top fifty. There’s easily 60 if not 70 or 80 fourty pounders in the lake now.

Choosing the right fishing spot to catch the carp

We went for a look around lake. There were a couple of swims that were producing consistently. One of the swims had produced a record catch for the lake. I think it was thirty one fish over two or three nights. We thought that we’d leave them be. In my experience if someone’s had a big hit the carp tend to move on or not stay that long because someone’s already caught them. Watch the video to see the whole story unfold or for more carp action view our other carp fishing videos.

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