Micron RX+ Alarm and Receiver

Micron RX+ Alarm by Fox International Video by Fox International With improvements over the previous NTX-R range, the Fox Micron RX+ alarm is top of the class when it comes to bite indication. The alarm comes with wealth of features including a weatherproof sealed case, twin multi-colour LED lights and an ergonomic volume control with eight different levels. Building on the features of the NTX-R the Micron RX+ alarm benefits from deeper ears without an increase in actual height, manual select modes for day and night and greater range and performance when using with the RX+ Receiver. Full Text Transcription

Features of the Fox Micron RX+ Alarm

The RX+ micron alarm features a weatherproof sealed case wit twin multicolour LEDs – red, green, blue, orange purple and white. LED colour can be changed using the left button on the back of the alarm and adjustable LED brightness can be changed using the right button on the back of the alarm. There is a toggle switch with two operational modes – day mode and night mode. When in night mode both LEDs will subtly glow in your chosen colour. With indexed ergonomic control the Micron RX+ Alarm offers eight volume settings with the lowest being completely silent. The Indexed ergonomic control also works for tone with eight different tone settings. The alarm also benefits from a D-TEC plus sensing system, a CNC machined tru-run roller wheel and indexed economic control for intelligent sensitivity, featuring seesaw elimination. Thera are eight different sensitivity settings for a greater sensitivity range and the alarm is three times more sensitive than the NTX-R. The low battery warning shows batteries are low when the LEDs turn cyan and there’s deeper ears holding your rod securely in place. Supplied with two compression washer options – rigid and soft and larger clearance around the roller wheel, which improves drainage. This vastly reduces the chances of the roller wheel freezing up in extreme cold conditions. The range test function, enabled by switching the alarm off and on again within one second, allows the user to check that the RX+ receiver is picking up the RX+ alarm head.

RX+ Receiver features

The receiver has a stronger radio performance with an ultra-long range. It has a freestanding design and an on/off volume control, with the lowest volume setting being completely silent. Larger LED windows are visible from both the front and the top of the receiver and easy RX+ Micron registration allows you to tune in up to eight alarms into one receiver. A bivvy light function means that the bivvy light will only come on if three beeps are received in quick succession. The receiver LEDs match alarm head LEDs using colour sync. The receiver also offers battery life indication. When the receiver is switched on four green LEDs indicates full charge. Three green LEDs indicates that batteries are used but do not need replacing and two orange LEDs show that batteries are becoming low. One red LED tells you that batteries are low and need replacement. Other useful features include a vibration alert function and an anti-theft alarm. The Micron RX+ alarm – out of the darkness and into the light Watch the video to see the whole story unfold or for more carp action view our other carp fishing videos.

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