Carp Coach Episode 3: Spodding over zigs with Tom Maker

Carp Fishing at Grenvilles by Fox International
Tom Maker visits the banks of Brasenose One at Linear fisheries giveinf an in depth look at the technique of Spodding over zigs
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Welcome to episode three of the carp coach.

You join me at home, at Linear Fisheries and we’re Brasenose One. This episode is going to be a real in-depth look at zig fishing and spodding over the top a zigs which is a question I get asked all of the time. No matter how many videos you do and you see on zigging, people really want to see how you go about spodding over zigs. What you use, the bait your using and how often you’re putting out, because a lot of people don’t really know the times that you should be leaving it between each spod.

You can probably see behind I’ve got a fish in that net which is a good fish

probably over thirty pounds so it’s a method for the big fish as well. I’ve got another fish on and the action has been absolutely hectic this morning. I think this is my 16th or 17th bite, that’s just since 8 o’clock, since I arrived. I’m going get this one in and we’ll have a look through the tactics and the tackle.

There we go another decent fish spodding over zigs.

Let’s have a look at him and there he is, twenty seven and a half pound of zig caught Brasenose mirror. This one came in a flurry of action which is what can happen on the zigs. It came with a couple of other fish of a similar size, which is again something that happens when you’ve got the bigger fish on. You’ll find that because these fish are shoal fish that you will get four or five quick bites of all similar sizes. This one’s 27 pounds, a 26, a 25 and the one that I’ve got in the net is quite a bit bigger than that so we’re going to slip this one back and we’ll show you the bigger one.

How about that for a proper Brasenose One unit?

A lot of people say that zigging, spodding over zigs is a small fish method but if you’re fishing a venue like Brasenose One that’s lot of big fish in the chances are you probably going to hook into one. At over 30 pounds this isn’t a small fish so let’s slip him back and hopefully get a few more bites and I’ll run you through the tactics and the methods.

When it comes to what baits to use over zigs you can literally use whatever you want. You

You can make it as expensive or as cheap as you want. This is the mix that I use and I’m not saying this is what you’ve got to use to catch fish because there’s loads of alternatives.

So first things first there’s your main base for your sloppy mix, which is a nice sort of powder.

This is this is the Manila active mix. Add some water to it and it creates a perfect slop full of attractions, loads of different smells and this is what I would use, but there’s other alternatives. You could use porridge oats, mix them with a load of water and they create a cloud and they go nice and sloppy and they sink slow. Any form of groundbait, you can get cheap brown crumb and mix it with water and it good enough to use on its own.
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