Winter Carp Fishing at Elphicks fishery with Lee “Mozza” Morrison

Carp Fishing at Grenvilles by Fox International
Join Lee “Mozza” Morrison on twenty-four hour fishing session at Elphicks fishery as he attempts to track down and outwit some winter carp.
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Welcome to what’s meant to be Mozza versus, but the boys have bottled it

. All of them – Jim he was to scared said it would ruin his Christmas. Scott Day he’s gone abroad I think he was that scared. So you’re now joining me at Elphicks fishery and we’re going to be doing an in session piece here. Now this is a mega, mega winter water. There are some absolute monsters that live in here and hopefully we can catch a few for you. So in the meantime the barrow as you can see is loaded and we’re going to be fishing the North Lake on the complex and fingers crossed there’s a few bites to be had.

This is the swim in question and as you can see I’m a little bit hemmed in here

, but it’s on the back of this wind. It’s not a freezing cold wind, but I was here last week on one of the other lakes and all the fish that were caught we’re pretty much on the back of the wind. So I’m sort of using that as to where to go. I’ve had a walk round this morning and I haven’t seen anything but they can be very localised on here. A lot of the fish just group up in these tiny little areas and you’ve got to be right on top of them to catch.

The tackle that I’m using allows me to get the distance nice and safe

and land the fish nice and safe as well and you’ll probably notice as well there’s a lot of bream. You’ll see big hook baits, spodding out big boilies, the lake is absolutely riddled with bream all between about one and six pounds, they are an absolute nightmare.

I’m hoping that this is going to be the right choice of swim

. I’ve only got 24 hours, so not a lot of time at all really. Getting the location right from the off is absolutely key without a shadow of a doubt. I’m going to just hold fire for a minute wait for the other lads to wake up. There’s three others on the lake and I’m going to have a word with them, see if any of those guys have caught any carp out in the open water and that might make my decision of where to go a little bit easier.

I’ve decided to set up in the swim that I chose early hours of this morning

off the back of actually seeing a carp out in front of this swim. Obviously with it being winter time with any sort of shows you just got to act on them and luckily enough for me it was in the swim that I chose this morning. I’ve spoken to the guys on my left-hand side and unfortunately, they’ve not had anything or seen anything and I don’t think anyone else has had any carp either. That’s not what you want to be hearing, especially in the winter, that nothing’s been caught, but maybe they’ve just not set up on them. You just don’t know, but you would like to think that with a lake like this, with so many big fish in it and with so much winter form it might have done something for the lads that are on here.
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