Match fishing at The Laurels in Lincolnshire

Match fishing at The Laurels in Lincolnshire
Video by Fish Matrix
In this episode of The Practice, Mark Pollard travels fishes The Laurels in Lincolnshire. After a quick morning practice session Mark competes in the afternoon match on that very same day!
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I’m Mark Pollard, I’ve been a match angler for over 40 years

. I’ve enjoyed success on every type of venue and now it’s time to put it to the ultimate test. The matrix team will book me into matches in the UK and across Europe on venues that I’ve never fished before. It’s up to me to crack the venue in one single practice session and then I’m putting my reputation on the line, in the open match the next day. Will I crumble under pressure or will practice make perfect?

Hello and welcome to the practice

. We’re in Lincolnshire at the Laurels and the lake we’re fishing is Rhode Island. As you can see the weather has been atrocious and in fact this is probably the best break we’ve had in the rain. We got here first thing this morning to walk around the lake and there’s a little twist, because I’m having a practice for a couple of hours this morning and then the match is in the afternoon going into the evening.

The tackle that I’m using allows me to get the distance nice and safe

and land the fish nice and safe as well and you’ll probably notice as well there’s a lot of bream. You’ll see big hook baits, spodding out big boilies, the lake is absolutely riddled with bream all between about one and six pound, they are an absolute nightmare.

I don’t know if you can see but there’s two islands on the lake but we’re going to pick a spot going towards the top end lake

. There’s a little bit shelter so we can do a bit of filming and I can have a little workout. Like I said the weather is horrible today. We’ve had some lovely hot weather and it’s turn cool although the water feels warm, but it’s cooler outside. They forecast rain all day and hopefully this afternoon for the match it won’t be too bad. So I’m going to get set up have a little practice. Try and work a few things out and hopefully do well in the match this afternoon.

Well I’m all set up. As you can see it’s still pouring down with rain but the wind has eased a little bit

. I’ve set up three lines. I’m fishing one line on the platform over there, which I’m going to put groundbait and dead maggot in. I’ve done a nice mix of my Hinders supercharged method and margin mix, fifty-fifty, with a sprinkling of micros and a few dead maggot. I’m going to fish dead maggot on the hook.
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