7 Degrees South Fly Fishing in the Seychelles

Watch as five top class fly fishing guides embark on a long four week journey fishing the in the Seychelles. They visit both the Alphonse and St. Francois atolls hunting for a variety of saltwater fish species, fishing both on the flats and in the blue water. An epic fly fishing drama with no shortage of action and charm. Featured in the epic adventure you will see Keith Rose-Innes battling with the mighty Giant trevally and Devan van der Merwe as the compelling and humorous star of the film, putting on a great comedy show for all of those involved in the trip. Serge Samson is the thoughtful and cunning master of the flats who tricks the fish with his undeniable skill and sneaky techniques. Andrew Mayo draws upon his fishing finesse with a cunning approach to fishing the flats and the Milkman, Wayne Haselau is the fatherly figure whose great charisma brings its own warmth to the story. The entire angling adventure is interwoven within an environment that is hand both amazingly beautiful and breath-taking, yet also tremendously exacting and challenging. CC Credit: alphonsefilm.com

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